Why Mindfulness and Conscious Breathwork? Zoë’s story . . .

Mindfulness first found me decades ago when a friend gave me a Mindfulness meditation tape by Ram Dass. Then some years later I was moving from one apartment to another and decided that in order to work with the predicted stress that moving entails to practice the 8-week Mindfulness course outlined in the book, “Mindfulness for Dummies” by Shamash Alidina. As I practiced the meditations and exercises each day of the apartment move, I discovered I was less stressed than I’d feared, the move actually turned out to be an enjoyable experience! My next encounter with Mindfulness came in the midst of the financial crisis a few years ago when I lost my savings through bad investments and a scam!

Devastated, I immediately began practicing the 30/30 Conscious Breathing Exercise that I had learned from Jim Morningstar of TransformationsUSA and did so daily for the next 6 months along with daily journal writing. This particular exercise with conscious breath saw me through the life adjustments I needed to make. And unexpected, wonderful support came through from family and friends. Most significantly I received the gift of becoming conscious of breath itself as an involuntary dynamic and center of security within my being/consciousness. During this time it was clear that I wanted to share the meditations and exercises with others — they were proving so beneficial to my well being. I discovered that Shamash Alidina offered a Mindfulness Teacher Training out of the UK, but there I was with no funds to pay for the program!

I kept myself open for a solution and in the meantime learned about an organization in London called the Kindness Offensive which Shamash had recently joined. Intuitively, I immediately wrote asking if they could help. In a short span of time they had contacted Shamash about my request and he had generously turned around and offered me his course gratis. Talk about ‘unpredictable good!’

That is how I received my certification to teach Mindfulness and am now able to bring it to you to be of benefit in your life. Always rather hard on myself, one of the many benefits of Mindfulness that came to me was to learn to be kind of myself and thus kinder to others, a step towards compassion!

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