Zoë Robinson, H.W., M.

Born and raised in England, Zoë visited California at the age of twenty. The intended three-month visit there in the late 1960s extended into decades of residency in the States, 20 years of which were spent in Hawaii before returning to live in Europe in 2002.

In 1977, after six years, she successfully completed her mentorship / ministerial training in ontological studies. Throughout her long practice as a mentor / non-denominational minister she has presented seminars and workshops, conducted one-to-one lay counseling and tutoring sessions and facilitated support/study groups.  Zoë is certified as a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator and also teaches the delightful SoulCollage® process. With this background her focus is to act as a facilitator to assist others to live beyond conditioned thinking and habitual emotional response patterns in an atmosphere of supportive community. Her personal aim is to open up ways, as others have done for her, towards greater fulfillment on the path through life.

How best to describe her? Zoë tells that on a visit to one of the many archeological sites she has visited in Greece, someone asked her if she was an archeologist. Tired of saying no to this oft-asked question one day she heard herself spontaneously respond, “I’m not an archeologist per se, I’m an archeologist of the soul.” And that probably best describes her and her work. As she opens doors for herself she in turn opens doors for others. But she states, “It’s up to each one of us to walk through that door.” And thus she invites you to journey some of your way with her.