SOUL TENDING programme through archetypal dynamics . . .


Curious about what an archetype is?

An archetype is not easily described in a few words as oneʼs understanding of these universals evolves over time. At base archetypes are instinctual drives that have been expressed through time in ʻstoryʼ in an attempt for humankind to understand itself. As a ground for our adventure of soul-tending in archetypal consciousness we use the Jungian concept as a springboard:

“Archetypes refer to a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc., universally present in individual psyches.”

The sessions are designed to assist in the conscious discovery of inherent unconscious universals/archetypes, voices of the soul, through the languages of astrological and mythological themes.

Why make a study of archetypes?

To become conscious, beyond our individual self, of archetypal dynamics, presences if you will, as functions within the psyche, that open to the transpersonal; a sense of world that brings with it an in-depth understanding and richness of life as perhaps never before imagined.

How does archetypal astrology enhance the study of archetypes?

In order to attempt an approach to archetypal energies a time-worn framework is needed. And such a framework is at hand as a guide, that of archetypal astrology as found in the work of the archetypal astrologers Richard Tarnas and Philip Levine.

Based on the birth chart astrology, as study of the ʻstars within the psycheʼ provides us with a map or chart to discover which archetypal energies are activated at any given time. This is achieved by learning about the planetary aspects in your birth chart, as well as tracking current planetary transits as they are in aspect to your natal planets.

How do Greek mythological themes enhance the study of archetypes?

Descriptions of planetary archetypal dynamics are found to be similar to the mythological themes of certain Greek Olympian deities and therefore lend a further perspective and deeper sense to any one of the given planetary archetypes. To illustrate briefly, the planet Pluto is associated with two Olympian deities: Hades and Dionysos. Hades as the collective unconscious and Dionysos as deep, slow moving transformational energies.  These themes are explored through expanded perspectives in the support/share group, Living Archetypes, Planets, Gods & Goddesses.

How do I identify and work with archetypal dynamics as they manifest in daily life?

In the Archetypal Insights, Planets in Transit support/share group you will learn which transiting planets are currently in aspect to your natal planets. This gives you a ʻweather reportʼ of the archetypal energies that are being activated at any given time. It needs to be said that archetypal astrology is not so much predictive but indicative as a practice.

What motivates Zoe’s interest in archetypal dynamics?

Her questions of life, “What drives us as human beings to be the way we are and act in the ways we do? And secondly, “How can we become more conscious of and work with these sometimes reactionary energies and thereby live more peacefully on the planet in community for constructive endeavour?” (See her Bio).

What if I am brand new to the study of archetypes or I am quite seasoned?

However experienced we think we are along our path, we continue always as students of Life. The class group is designed and suitable both for brand new and seasoned participants.

Resources (a few):

Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View, Richard Tarnas

The Archetypal Cosmos, Rediscovering the Gods in Myth, Science and Astrology, Keiron Le Grice

The Homeric Hymns, Translated by Jules Cashford

Goddessess in Everywoman, A New Psychology of Women, Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

Gods in Everyman, A New Psychology of Men’s Lives and Loves, Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

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