Archetypal Insights Series

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Planets in Transit

Let us then imagine archetypes as the deepest patterns of psychic functioning, the roots of the soul governing the perspectives we have of ourselves and the world. They are the axiomatic, self-evident images to which psychic life and our theories about it ever return…

James Hillman

With your personal copy of A Calendar of Archetypal Influences by Richard Tarnas and Philip Levine learn how transiting planetary archetypal dynamics are in aspect to the planets of your natal chart, and how they may be playing out in your daily life.

Suitable both for new and experienced students of archetypal astrology

Twelve 90-minute monthly sessions online
Begins mid-May
Required:  A Calendar of Archetypal Influences, Richard Tarnas & Philip Levine

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Planets, Gods & Goddesses

Myth is the foundation of life; it is the timeless pattern… Whereas in the life of mankind the mythical represents an early and primitive stage, in the life of an individual it represents a late and mature one.

Thomas Mann

Deepen your relationship with expressions of the soul through planetary and mythological correlated themes.
Ten 90-minute monthly sessions online
Begins mid-May
New $100 Review $50